Sunrise Movement meets Fridays for Future

18:00 - 19:00 Central European Time
Sunrise Movement meets Fridays for Future
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Sunrise Movement meets Fridays for Future

How do climate activists in Germany and the USA assess current climate policy?

Both the new “traffic light” coalition in Germany and the Biden/Harris administration in the USA have climate protection at the top of their agendas, and in this respect they clearly differ from their predecessors. Climate policy is formulated as a cross-cutting issue and the need for action is emphasized. 

The fact that this is happening also has a lot to do with the vociferous protests and campaigns conducted by emergent movements such as Fridays for Futures and the USA’s Sunrise Movement, which have been campaigning for a consistent and just climate policy for years and have ensured that climate and environmental protection can no longer be ignored in political discourse. 

They are striving to decisively influence the political agenda not only on the streets and on the Web, but also as young, new members of the Bundestag or Congress, or as hard-hitting supporters of the Democrats in the last U.S. presidential election campaign. 

But how do the activists from the influential grassroots movements actually assess the current climate policy situation on both sides of the Atlantic? 

That’s what we want to ask representatives from Sunrise Movement and FFF, and also discuss with them the following questions:

  • What does the coalition agreement promise in terms of climate policy? 
  • Can Biden and his climate cabinet initiate the necessary transformation? 
  • How confident are they about the agreements reached at the climate conference in Glasgow (COP26)? 
  • What can we learn from each other transatlantically in the fight for climate justice? and
  • Which strategies and campaigns can generate change?

Join the discussion!


  • Helena Marschall, Fridays for Future, Strategy, Campaigns and Fundraising, Germany
  • Lauren Maunus, Advocacy Director for Sunrise Movement, USA

Moderation: Noah Gordon, Climate policy researcher and head of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge’s Washington DC office

Simultaneous interpreting between German and English will be provided at the event.

Contact: Jean de Dieu Cirhigiri, cirhigiriatboell [dot] detarget="_blank"


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