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14 September 2022
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Dortmund and Pittsburgh sign a Memorandum of Understanding for an Innovation and Climate Partnership

Last week, a Transatlantic Innovation and Climate Partnership between the City of Dortmund, Germany and the City of Pittsburgh, USA was signed. The agreement will expand collaboration between the two cities on the economy, climate technology, and international cooperation.

Pittsburgh and Dortmund sign MOU
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As former hubs for the coal and steel industries, both Dortmund and Pittsburgh have undergone structural changes throughout their history and developed into internationally recognized centres for business, science and innovation. They have faced similar challenges and now aim to work together towards each of their just transition goals.

“Dortmund and Pittsburgh share a history and now a future. Both cities are cities of innovation and we live that now. Only collaboration and networking between cities sets us up for the future.”
Martin van der Pütten
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Head of International Affairs at the City of Dortmund

This agreement comes on the heels of two Transatlantic Climate Bridge (TCB) events which focused on linking the two sister cities.

Last year, the TCB hosted a discussion between the two cities as well as Vancouver, Canada on climate-friendly urban food systems. The speakers discussed what cities can do to improve the sustainability of food production and agricultural practices, and possibilities to regionalize food supply chains.

At the TCB Conference this year, the three cities were invited back to speak on decarbonizing their transport sectors and how municipalities can transition their transportation sectors to be more accessible and less car dependent.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Dortmund and Pittsburgh was signed in a virtual ceremony with both Mayors present.

“In the spirit of urban diplomacy, the networking of cities worldwide is a necessary way to constantly improve as a municipality, but also to be able to provide inspiration for other regions.”
Thomas Westphal
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Mayor of the City of Dortmund
“Together we will continue to pursue cooperation on climate technologies, the economy, and a just transition for our post-industrial cities to ensure all our residents have opportunities to thrive.”
Ed Gainey
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Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh

The agreement takes effect immediately and will last until December 31, 2025, pending renewal.

Read the Press Release from the City of Dortmund (in German).

Read the Press Release from the City of Pittsburgh (in English).

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Trisha Kershaw

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Project Assistant on the Transatlantic Climate Bridge at adelphi