Canadian Climate Diplomacy and G7 Outcomes with Catherine Stewart

15:00 - 16:00 CEST, 9:00 - 10:00 EST
Podcast with Catherine Stewart Relive

Listen back to the live recording of the third episode of the Climate Bridge Podcast where we spoke to Assistant Deputy Minister Catherine Stewart of Environment and Climate Change Canada. Ms. Stewart shed light on everything from her experiences as Canada’s chief climate negotiator at COP to empowering women in climate negotiations to the outcomes of the G7. Listen to the full session to learn more about Canada’s role in driving forward ambitious international climate policy.

This Podcast recording comes on the heels of the first two episodes where we interviewed Deputy Special Envoy for Climate, Sue Biniaz on all things US Climate Diplomacy and climate policy speaker for the Green party in Germany, Lisa Badum on Germany’s international climate priorities at the G7 and beyond. Both episodes can be accessed here and on anywhere you get your podcasts.


Podcast Guest:

- Catherine Stewart, Assistant Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada



Toby Bernstein, Co-lead of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge at adelphi

- Luisa Kern, Co-host, Polis 180