Looking forward: What’s next after the EU-US Energy Council meeting

08:00 ET; 13:00 GMT; 14:00 CET
EU-US Energy Council
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Join E3G and The Atlantic Council for a panel review of the outcomes of the EU-US Energy Council meeting on February 7. Experts will break down key takeaways of the event and discuss their implications looking forward in light of shared security and climate objectives.

There is a lot of interest in energy diplomacy given the current energy price crisis and ongoing situation in Ukraine. Discussion around increased energy prices, alternative gas supplies and the role of US LNG will undoubtedly be main areas of focus at this year’s EU-US energy council. But an important question worthy of discussion is whether the current perceived threats to European energy security will hamper or retard the imperative of moving to a path of more rapid decarbonization. Can the two sides develop and continue a transatlantic energy diplomacy that in parallel aims to reduce energy demand & rapidly ramp up renewables, at home & abroad?

EU-US energy council – Questions to explore:

  • Can boosting US LNG supplies to Europe alleviate the current EU gas supply crunch and reduce the EU’s dependency on Russian gas? 
  • Beyond the crisis fix, what are short-, medium- and long-term prospects for the role of natural gas in the EU overall energy mix? 
  • How can transatlantic cooperation stimulate faster deployment of renewables?
  • Can we reduce demand for gas? And what are the economic, security and political considerations in so doing?
  • What does this mean for EU-US energy diplomacy and other diplomatic tracks in 2022? IEA, CEM & MI, TTC.

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