Webinar: What net zero means for Canadian energy jobs

1:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CET
Clean Energy Canada
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You’re invited to a Clean Energy Canada webinar on May 29 at 1pm ET/10am PT on the opportunities the energy transition will bring for Canadian energy jobs.

We’ll dive into Clean Energy Canada’s latest modelling of Canadian energy jobs in a net-zero world, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with labour and industry leaders featuring General Motors’ David Paterson, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Matt Wayland, and Chandos Construction’s Jen Hancock.

recent Clean Energy Canada report revealed that there would be 700,000 more energy jobs in 2050 than exist today if Canada and the world reach net zero, with growth in clean energy jobs outpacing declines in fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the federal government recently launched a series of sustainable jobs plans to ready the workforce for this inevitable energy transition. 

With 92% of global GDP now covered by net-zero commitments, decisions made today will shape the success of Canada’s energy sector in the years ahead.

Canada’s clean energy sector is made up of companies and workers that help reduce carbon pollution, whether by generating clean energy, helping move it, reducing energy consumption, or developing low-carbon technologies. It is a truly pan-Canadian sector, from the assembler producing electric vehicles in Windsor, to the construction worker building energy-efficient housing in Yellowknife, or the lineworker building power lines that will help electrify our lives.

The energy transition represents a huge opportunity for Canadian energy workers. But success is not inevitable, and challenges lie ahead—from the risk of climate policy rollbacks to potential skills and labour shortages.

Register now to join the discussion about what Canadian governments, industries, and workers must do to prepare for the changing world of energy.